About us

Hello, you are welcomed by an international team of master divers - Scuba Diving Academy! We've been diving for 15 years!

If you're already in Phuket and have a hankering:

then call us on any listed phone numbers, text us on telegram, watsapp or email us.

If there is a desire to meet us!

If you would like to meet with us to discuss your needs, we can come to your hotel, bungalow, villa or cafe at a pre-arranged time.

If you haven't flown into Phuket yet!

If you haven't flown into Phuket yet! yet and would like more information, just email or call us.

Your call, chat message or email will be answered at any time of the day or night.

1500+ Students

Since 2008, over 1500 students and divers of various levels have received dive training or utilized our services.

15 years of experience

Since 2008, our team of masters has been at the top of all international dive centers in Phuket.


All students and divers are insured against accidents for the period of diving or training "offshore from the ship". 

Individual approach

At our diving academy you can get a special price for a subsequent course, under certain conditions.

Scuba Diving Academy - Academy with the right to conduct instructor courses according to international standards IDC NDL. This means that you can take all diving courses up to "Diving Instructor".

Annually we are certified to meet Thailand's quality and safety standards.

At our academy several diving instructors and divemasters of different levels of qualification, fluent in Russian and foreign languages.

All instructors and divemasters have a college degree and "active status" as a diving professional.

If necessary, we outsource "subspecialty" professionals to perform certain tasks.

We only use new gear for diving from the world's leading manufacturers - Scubapro, Aqualung, Mares and Seek, which is constantly maintained and updated.

We only use dive ships and yachts specially equipped for diving, including in high winds, waves and rain.

All ships have lifesaving equipment and everything you need for first aid on the water. We use standard 12 and 15 liter DIN/YOKE aluminum cylinders, as well as 6 liter cylinders for children. All cylinders are visually inspected and serviced annually at a specialized station.